Across Crawler 4WD 1:12 2.4GHz





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Across Crawler in the scale of 1:12 is one of the biggest models in this type of offer. Huge, 4WD car which without any problems drives onto the highest obstacles.

3 Across Crawler 4WD 1:12 2.4GHz

Specially designed suspension makes the car always land on 4 wheels. It also provides direct contact with the ground for each wheel, even in the most demanding positions and with extreme axle turns. This, in combination with the 4WD, means that the car will not get stuck in the obstacles and will not hang on any of them. It is a car created for reaching places that other car cannot, regardless of conditions.

9 Across Crawler 4WD 1:12 2.4GHz

Specially designed tires with a thick tread and increased softness ensure excellent traction and keep the car on the track. Each axle is driven by a separate, powerful engine, thanks to which there are limited energy losses that could arise when the energy would be transmitted through the shaft between the axes.

Across Crawler is made of special plastic – ABS. Thanks to this, it is resistant to damage which could be a result of accidents. The interior has been designed with the utmost attention to detail. The entire model due to its outstanding design is not only a great toy but also an attractive decoration in the room of a young RC enthusiast.

11 Across Crawler 4WD 1:12 2.4GHz

It is also worth paying attention to the impressive technical specifications of the model. The range of the controller in the open space can reach up to 100-150 meters, which in the case of remotely controlled cars is the value that satisfies even the most demanding users. The operating time on the attached battery reaches up to 10 minutes, which, with a charging time of around 3 hours, gives you plenty of time to play every day. The radio works on 2.4GHz frequency, which means that we do not have to worry about mutual signal interference when playing with more models.

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