COBRA EBL 1:8 Buggy Brushless 60km/h 2.4GHz RTR





Produkto kodas: VRX/RH818-R0249

The presented VRX Cobra Brushless is an improved version of the 1:8 scale model with a brushless engine and LiPo battery, and thus with much more power.

VRX Cobra Brushless is an off-road car made in the 1: 8 scale. Adapted for fast driving over bumpy surfaces and more. Thanks to the 4-wheel drive and wheels with the size of 120 x 70mm and 325mm wheelbase, it will overcome every obstacle! With a 3650 brushless motor and an 11.1V 3250mAh battery, LiPo achieves the speed of up to 60km/h! The battery allows you to enjoy the ride up to 20 minutes.
Characterized by the VRX Cobra Brushless, very wide wheel track and low suspension. This solution guarantees stability at high speeds, turns, and chicanes, as well as when jumping. The right clearance and powerful wheels are a promise of driving in any terrain!


Wireless remote controller, included in the set, works on the 2.4GHz frequency, so you can race in a larger group without worrying about mutual signal interference. The remote controller has a range of up to 100m.
VRX Cobra Brushless is an RTR model, which means we can enjoy straight after unboxing.

1 COBRA EBL 1:8 Buggy Brushless 60km/h 2.4GHz RTR

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