Desert Off-Road Racer 2WD 1:12 2.4GHz RTR – Orange





Produkto kodas: XLH-9120-ORG

 Desert Off-Road Racer 2.4GHz 2WD is a model in the RTR version, in the scale of 1:12. The model performs just greatly on the rough conditions. It could ride on the off-road tracks and on the asphalt, grass, sand or small rocks. 
Desert Off-Road Racer 2WD 1:12 2.4GHz RTR - OrangeThe model is controlled via the remote controller working at the frequency of 2.4Ghz. Thanks to that, the range is largely extended and the reaction time to signal is faster compared to the controllers working a the frequency of 27/40MHz. Anti-signal interference allows for steering a few models simultaneously.


  • 2WD (Rear axis)
  • 4 Independent shock absorbers with a large stroke
  • Large inclination angle to the sides (front and rear axis)
  • Huge, rubber tires with special trad designed for riding on a]sand, rock, and slippery surfaces

Desert Off-Road Racer 2WD 1:12 2.4GHz RTR - OrangeThe car has been made from high-quality, durable materials which makes it damage resistant. Front bumper ensures safety while rough rides and secures in case of crashes.

NOTICE! The presented model is in the RTR version which means it is ready to ride just after unboxing. All you need to do is to purchase AA batteries, what you can also do in our store, for the remote controller. 

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