DT5 EBL 2.4GHz – Brushless





Produkto kodas: VRX/RH1019-R0079

DT5 EBL 2.4GHz is a better, brushless version of DT5 EBD! Its realistic, sports looks of race cars combined with an even more powerful engine make the model very tacky and fast. 

The difference between EBL and EBD versions is better, more efficient brushless engine, better regulator and battery LiPo 7.4V for EBL version. 

DT5 is a classic short course, so the model of exactly the same construction as Krzysztof Hołowczyc’s car. RC cars of this type combine the advantages of buggs and truggs. It has wide wheel track, thanks to which it does great on turnings and sharp arches, and high suspension, which allows driving on uneven land. What is more, relatively narrow tires, which are characterized by low lathe resistance combined with good brushless engine 500 class allow you to reach high speeds! 

The model presented will do great both on paved roads and off-road trucks. The universal construction will bring much joy to both the beginners and advanced fans of car modeling! 

DT5 has regulated suspension, metal differential gears, NiMH batteries without the effect of memory and a few more interesting solutions. All of ours VRS are equipped with high class 2.4GHz radio with big range! 

We guarantee full availability of spare parts, additional accessories, i.e. diodes, batteries, chargers, Polish manual, and a wide range of bodies. 

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