Freeman 1600 Glider V2 4CH 2.4GHz RTF (160cm wings span)





Produkto kodas: JOY/6103

 We present the novelty from the Joysway brand- Freeman 1600 Glider V2. Its wings spread is 160cm. The model is made from EPO froth resistant to falls and hitting. The model is very fast to mount and does not require using glue! 

It is an excellent set with strong brushless drive, LiPo battery, 2.4GHz remote controller, 30A regulator, and 4x 9g servos.
 The transmitter included works with the 2.4GHz receiver, so there will be no interferences while flying. The remote controller is set to Mode 2, but it can be changed using the button under the cover of the battery. The transmitter is equipped with trimmer of ailerons, height, throttle, and direction. You can also limit the deletion of ailerons, height rudder, and direction. Reverses complete them.

Freeman is easy to use and can do mild stunts. The model is stable and very turning, so it is recommended both for the beginners and more advanced modelers. 

Presented Freeman 1600 Glider V2 is RTF model, which is ready to fly straight after being taken out of the box. You only need 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, which you can also buy in our shop.

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