Himoto Bowie 2.4 GHz Off-Road Truck Brushless





Produkto kodas: E10MTL-31801

The new Bowie 2.4GHz model by the well-known and appreciated Himoto brand.

The presented E10MTL is an equivalent to the Himoto Bowie 2.4GHz Off-Road Truck, but compared to the standard version, the car has several better solutions in the form of a brushless speed controller and a more powerful brushless motor that is more durable, has an increased lifespan and has better parameters in compared to brush equivalents.

The car is designed for beginners and intermediate drivers who love the exciting ride on off-road routes. Electronics are carefully hidden and protected from dust and moisture. The powerful RC 540 brushless motor combined with a powerful battery accelerates the model to incredible speeds – over 60km/h! In addition, the model has large, oil-spring shock absorbers and good quality tires, thanks to which it perfectly sticks to the ground. High suspended chassis and monster truck construction make it very maneuverable, steady and above all, durable! Thanks to these features, it is a unique 1:10 scale model at an extremely affordable price.

bowie3 Himoto Bowie 2.4 GHz Off-Road Truck Brushless
The model is controlled via the pistol remote controller operating on the frequency of 2.4GHz, which is less susceptible to signal interference, has better range and allows control of the model in the group, also within the radio range of other drivers.

radio himoto Himoto Bowie 2.4 GHz Off-Road Truck Brushless
The presented Himoto Bowie 2.4GHz is an RTR model which means it is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to, is to purchase 4x AA batteries for the remote controller, which you can also buy in our store. 

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