Himoto Bowie 2.4GHz Off-Road Truck- 31801





Produkto kodas: E10MT-31801

 Bowie 2.4GHz is the latest remotely controlled off-road Truck from Himoto! The car has ball bearings in all wheels – it does not occur with other brands of the same class. Thanks to this solution, the service life has been increased, and the rolling resistance has significantly decreased, which significantly translates into the comfort of the car. The following model has a 2.4GHz remote controller with an End Point Adjustment system (EPA), thanks to which we can individually control the operation of each servo. One of the applications of this system is, for example, the ability to limit the maximum speed of our model to the selected value, which is very useful for beginners and young users. This avoids driving too fast and damaging the car.

The model also has large oil-spring shock absorbers and good quality tires, thanks to which it perfectly sticks to the ground! High suspended chassis and monster truck construction make it very maneuverable, steady and above all, durable! Thanks to these features, it is a unique 1:10 scale model in this price class, often chosen by people looking for a good car!

The model has been equipped with an efficient High Power 550 engine that enables high speeds.

Himoto ZMOTOZ3 BL radio Himoto Bowie 2.4GHz Off-Road Truck- 31801

Himoto Bowie 2.4GHz is a model of the Ready To Run type, i.e. ready to run just after unboxing right out of the box – you only need 4 pcs of AA batteries to the remote controller, which you can also buy in our store.

We provide full availability of spare parts, additional accessories such as batteries, chargers and a Polish instruction manual and the largest selection of bodywork.

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