Himoto Eamba XR1 Brushless 2.4GHz





Produkto kodas: HI2111BL-10715

 Eamba XR1 is a popular Himoto Racing RC car. The brushless engine and 4WD allow you to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h!

The universal truggy design combines the agility of the buggy and the traction of the trugs. The model has a shock-absorbing bumper, thanks to which it is resistant to impacts, thanks to which it forgives the mistakes of novice modelers. while the adjustment of the suspension hardness with the help of the limiting devices included in the set is something more advanced.

Independent suspension, 4 oil shock absorbers, and metal differentials are another advantages of the presented car. Eamba XR1 truggy is a proven design chosen for both beginners and novice players.

The presented Eamba XR1, is an RTR model RTR, i.e. ready for a run just after unboxing. The only thing you need is 8 pcs AA batteries to the remote controller, which you can also buy in our store.


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