Himoto EXB-16 Brushless Buggy 1:16 2.4GHz RTR (HSP Troian Pro)- 18504





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 EXB-16 BL is the best buggy in the scale of 1:16 on the Polish modeling market! The car has been manufactured by the well-known brand – Himoto Racing! The presented EXB-16 is an equivalent of the Troian Pro model by HSP; however, it differs from the HSP version because of the use of the better remote controller with the EPS system. Thanks to End Point Adjustment we can individually adjust each servomechanism. One of the functions of this mechanism is the ability to limit the maximum speed of our model which is very useful in case of belonging to a young child or for the beginners. It prevents from causing damage to the car at high speeds.

In comparison to the standard version, the car has a few better features such as chromed rims, brushless regulator or brushless engine which is more durable, has increased longevity and is characterized by better parameters compared to the brushed models.

HI4185BL 00 03 Himoto EXB-16 Brushless Buggy 1:16 2.4GHz RTR (HSP Troian Pro)- 18504

The car has been designed for both, beginners and advanced users which love the emotional off-road rides. On the other hand, Troian is also purchased by those who want to practice indoors at their home.

In the presented RC car there are several functions borrowed from the professional, top-shelf RC models such as oil shock absorbers in which we can adjust the softness and height of the suspension, brushless engine which allows for driving at high speed. Universal construction of the EXB-16 allows for riding at almost every surface, indoors, on asphalt or in the terrain. Moreover, the wide wheel track and rubber tires will ensure great grip and stability in all conditions. Bumpers made from flexible and durable plastic secure the car from damaging – a solid bumper is an inevitable part of the great fun. 

epa eng Himoto EXB-16 Brushless Buggy 1:16 2.4GHz RTR (HSP Troian Pro)- 18504

/The presented Himoto EXB-16 BL is an RTR model which means that it is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to do is to purchase 4x AA batteries, what you can also do in our store, for the remote controller. 

We guarantee full availability of spare parts, additional accessories, i.e. batteries, chargers and Polish manual.

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