Akumuliatorius (baterija) LRP 1600mAh 7,2V NiMH 2/3A XTEC Race pack





Produkto kodas: LRP/430606

A 7.2V battery pack of 1600mAh capacity made by LRP with external silicon cables, ended with a „Mini-Tamiya” plug, used mainly to power models in 1:16 and 1:18 scale, e.g. HSP Beam, Gobi, Minzi and Kham as well as Troian, Hunter, Hidking and Flying Fish 2.

Created to meet the most demanding modellers needs. The pack assures long operating time even for models with high power consumption. Well ‘volted’ cells, reliable connectors and high quality silicon insulating the cables make the pack highly efficient in the hardest conditions.

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