Magic Cat V5 2CH 2.4GHz RTR





Produkto kodas: JOY/8108V5

we are pleased to present the newest model of the boat magic cat v5 produced by the well-known joysway brand. the model reaches speeds of up to 20 km / h! it is a very fast 2.4ghz radio controlled boat. the motorboat is equipped with a very good 180 class water-cooled electric motor. High-performance brush motors give it super speed and great maneuverability.

600664vakasl3l Magic Cat V5 2CH 2.4GHz RTR

the apparatus is very comfortable to use. The boat is extremely maneuverable and stable even at high speeds. The boat is perfect for small pools, ponds, rivers and lakes. Charging the battery is done using the jack – usb cable.

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