Magic Vee V3 2CH RTR 2.4GHz





Produkto kodas: JOY/8106V3-WHT

It is a pleasure to present you the newest model of the Magic Vee V3 produced by the well-known Joysway manufacturer. It is a very fast RC boat with 2.4GHz remote controller. Apart from its small size, the Magic Vee reaches the speed of 20 km/h. All thanks to the powerful engine of 180 class with water cooling system. Steering is performed by a special rudder joined with the steer. The remote controller is very easy to use. The boat is really turning and steady, even at high speeds. Charging of the batteries is done via charger which is included in the set. There is a holder included. 

magic vee 8106 1 9 Magic Vee V3 2CH RTR 2.4GHz

The hull is made from resistant, colorful polymer with the engine, serve, integrated electronics, complex drive with water propeller and steers installed in it. The set also includes batteries for the remote controller and package of 5 batteries with charger. You only need to charge the battery, and you can float away. 

The Magic Vee V3 RTR 2.4GHz is an RTR model which means that it is ready to play just after unboxing. Charging of the battery is done by the charger which is included in the set. It allows you to charge the battery with current power and using 8 batteries.

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