military truck sl-196a (1:16, 6wd, 2.4g) green





Produkto kodas: SL-196A

military truck sl-196a is one of the new 1:16 scale models from sulong. The car has been designed for beginners drivers who love thrilling off-road driving. nevertheless, it is often chosen by those who want to practice riding at home.

1 military truck sl-196a (1:16, 6wd, 2.4g) green


model features 4WD, even weight distribution, full suspension and all-terrain periderm rubber tires for excellent traction and stability when off-roading and climbing. 2.4ghz transmitter provides high resistance to interference and fast response.
 1 military truck sl-196a (1:16, 6wd, 2.4g) green

the presented model is of the ready-to-run (rtr) type, so after taking it out of the box you only need 2 pcs aa batteries (ordinary „sticks”) to the transmitter, which you can also buy in our store.

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