Motorinė valtis „Double Horse 7006” 27MHz RTR – geltona


Liko 6


Liko 6

Produkto kodas: DH/7006

Have you ever wondered about taking the steers your own boat but you could not afford it or you did not have a proper place? We have an ideal boat for you!

The Double Horse 7006 is a huge boat; however, it is suitable both for beginners and advanced users.

4aa Motorinė valtis "Double Horse 7006" 27MHz RTR - geltona

The boat is controlled via fully proportional remote controller thanks to which you can float the boat forward, to the left, to the right or simply stop the boat.

10aa Motorinė valtis "Double Horse 7006" 27MHz RTR - geltona

The boat has been equipped with the dedicated speed governor which allow for reliable and smooth steering.

The Double Horse 7006 has realistic details and design. The model is ready to run just after unboxing. What is more, it has been equipped with the safety switch, water cooling system and two 380 racing type engines thanks to which the boat can reach the speed of 40km/h!

Do not wonder too long about the purchase because we are sure that the boat will come up to all your expectations!

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