Motorinė valtis Double Horse 7008





Produkto kodas: DH/7008

Another model from the Double Horse brand – 7008 model is a large sports motorboat in 1:10 scale measuring 73cm in length!
The model has been made from high-quality materials and metal elements of drive transmission. The care was also taken when it comes to the details which make the boat look very aesthetic.

The whole electronics were hidden in the hull along with two, huge, 380 class engines which are giving the boat superb acceleration. The model has also been equipped with two powerful turbines allowing the model to achieve the speed of about 30km/h. 
elek Motorinė valtis Double Horse 7008
Thanks to more precise balance and streamlined shape the boat is more accurate while floating and provides better performance. 
A huge advantage of the model is the security system preventing from engine „dry” start. In case when the model is not in the water, the engines will not start. In order to control the model, fully proportional, 2-channeled remote controller with the range of 70-100m has been added to the set! 
The aerodynamic shape of the motorboat and easiness of steering provides every water model enthusiasts with huge joy!

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