Motorboat Double Horse 7013 2.4GHz





Produkto kodas: DH/7013

Another product from the Double Horse brand – model 7013 is a large motorboat measuring 43cm in length!
Double Horse 7006 Large 3 CH 38 Motorboat Double Horse 7013 2.4GHz

The model is made of high-quality materials and metal, drive transmission elements. The care was also taken when it comes to the details thanks to which the boat looks very aesthetic. Particularly noteworthy is the very accurate and aesthetic design of the hull. Its unique design gives the model a realistic look.

The motorboat is maneuverable and fast thanks to the installed engine which allows the boat to accelerate even to the speed of 3m/s! The speed and maneuverability could be fully used in the open, water area. The Double Horse 7013 is very easily controlled and looks just great.
a Motorboat Double Horse 7013 2.4GHz
The technical innovation introduced by the Double Horse and the great advantage of their models, at the same time, is the safety system protecting from „dry” engine start. If the model is not in the water, the engines will not start! The model has a built-in protection that switches off the engines after removing them from the water.

The motorboat is controlled via 2-channeled (throttle and turn), professional and fully proportional remote controller working at the frequency of 2.4 GHz, which range could reach up to 100m!
Przechwytywanie Motorboat Double Horse 7013 2.4GHzThe model is charged via the charger which is included in the set. The boat has been equipped with the modern battery Ni-Mh 7.2V with the capacity of 700mAh which allows for even 10 minutes of floating time depending on the engine’s load.

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