Motorboat Double Horse FT010 2.4GHz





Produkto kodas: FT010

The speed has always provided us with tremendous experiences – FT010 motorboat reaches the speed of 35km/h! In addition to perfect steering, the boat will ensure you plenty of great fun.
FT010 Motorboat Double Horse FT010 2.4GHz
The model stands out also with the eye-catchy colours which make the motorboat look even more dynamic. Made from durable ABS material, FT010 is damage resistant which means that you can freely explore water reservoirs at a full speed. 
FT010 1 Motorboat Double Horse FT010 2.4GHzWhat is more, the motorboat has a built-in water cooling system which cools down the engine and motherboard abreast ensuring appropriate conditions and longevity for the components. When the battery is close to being dead, the remote controller will inform us by the use of light and sound signal allowing for the safe return to the shore. 
FT010 3 Motorboat Double Horse FT010 2.4GHz
The presented model is an RTF type motorboat which means that all you need to do in order to run is to purchase 6 AA batteries for the remote controller. The model is ready is ready to explore water reservoirs just after unboxing. 

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