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FT012  is a fast, easy and user-friendly, remotely controlled motorboat equipped with the brushless engine. The boat, after proper sealing the hull and locking the cover, is virtually unsinkable. In case of capsizing, all you need to do is to push the throttle stick and the motorboat will return to its proper position. That is why it is ideal for the first remotely controlled floating model.

The motorboat was made of high-quality materials and metal elements of drive transmission. The care was also taken when it comes to the details thanks to which the boat looks very aesthetic.
ft0122 Motorboat Double Horse FT012 2.4GHz RTR

The hull which was made with great precision in a „V” shape deserves a particular attention. Its unique construction gives the model a realistic look and facilitates steering at high speeds.

The motorboat is agile, fast and accelerates even to the speed of 45km/h! In order to provide longer operation time and engine’s longevity, the boat has been equipped with the water cooling system installed in the hull. 

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The FT012 motorboat has been equipped with the modern LiPo 11.1V battery with the capacity of 1800mAh which allows for a few minutes of operating time. The steering is done via the fully proportional remote controller working at the frequency of 2.4 GHz and the effective range could reach to even 150m!

SKU203494 2 Motorboat Double Horse FT012 2.4GHz RTR
The built-in anti-interference system allows for steering a few models at the same time. 
It does not matter whether we float on the lake or struggle with the ocean waves. The FT012 will always bring us extraordinary emotions and lots of joy.
The presented FT012 boat is an RC, RTR type model which means that it is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to do is to insert 6 AA batteries, which you can also purchase in our shop, into the remote controller.

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