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Small, agile and fast – this is the new WL911 motorboat with a length of 35cm from the WLToys manufacturer. This compact boat is easy to control and is practically unsinkable if the hull is properly sealed and the cover properly closed.

 16 Motorboat WL911 2.4GHz RTR - Blue

An interesting auto-stabilization function will make it easier to turn the boat into the correct position after falling over. That’s why it’s perfect as the first remotely controlled floating model.

12 Motorboat WL911 2.4GHz RTR - Blue

The motorboat is made of high-quality materials and metal elements which are used for drive transmission. The production also took care of the details of the boat, so that the whole design looks very aesthetically. Particularly noteworthy is the very accurate and aesthetic design of the V-shaped hull. Its unique design gives the model a realistic look and makes it easier to control at high speeds.

 5 Motorboat WL911 2.4GHz RTR - Blue

Motorboat is agile and fast thanks to a powerful 370 class engine which allows it to accelerate up to 24km/h! To ensure long life and longevity of the engine, it was equipped with a liquid cooling system installed in the hull. The model is controlled by a fully proportional radio working at the frequency of 2.4GHz. The effective range can reach up to 100m! The built-in anti-interference system allows you to control several models at the same time.

 2014 WLTOYS WL911 most powerful remote control toys boat 2 4g high speed rc boat for Motorboat WL911 2.4GHz RTR - Blue

The model is charged using the charger included in the set. The motorboat is equipped with a modern LiPo 7.4V battery with a capacity of 800mAh which allows for a few minutes of fun.

 11 Motorboat WL911 2.4GHz RTR - Blue

The presented boat WL911 is an RC, RTR model which means that it is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to do is to insert 4x AA batteries, which you can also purchase from our shop, into the remote controller.

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