NASCADA 1:10 – 10122





Produkto kodas: HI5101-10122

Himoto Nascada in the scale of 1:10 is an ideal choice among all on-road, electronic models. If you like the fast ride, Nascada is an ideal choice for you!

Brand new, installed brushed engine with the power of 540kV, ensures great performance.

b 4 NASCADA 1:10 - 10122
The engine is supervised by the regulator with the power of 120A!

It is also worth paying attention to the following features of the model:

  • Aluminum reinforced undercarriage for longer life and reliability in all conditions

big himoto nascada 1 3a10 elektro rtr 2 2c4ghz modra 3 NASCADA 1:10 - 10122Full adjustment of the wheels in relation to the vertical and horizontal axis, as well as a bumper made of plastic, which effectively protects the model against more serious damage.

  • The drive is transferred to all wheels via the aluminum shaft

5 NASCADA 1:10 - 10122

  • Oil shock absorbers with large stroke

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  • Painted body, scratch resistant
  • 3-CH remote controller working at the frequency of 2.4GHz which eliminates the risk of signal interference

Himoto ZMOTOZ3 BL radio NASCADA 1:10 - 10122

If you like tuning, nothing prevents you from expanding the model with aluminum suspension components, a quick servo or an even better engine. If you will be able to tame your machine, try – we guarantee even more amazing experiences! Oil shock absorbers allow for any height and hardness adjustment. Adjusting the angles of the chassis allows you to adjust the characteristics of the chassis to your own preferences.

The presented Himoto Nascada is an RTR model which means it is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to do is to purchase 4 AA batteries for the remote controller, what you can also do in our store. 

We guarantee the full availability of spare parts, additional accessories such as batteries, chargers or Polish manual.

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