Sword EBL 2.4GHz – brushless





Produkto kodas: VRX/RH1013-R0066

 The fastest electric car in the scale of 1:10! Made by the producer of VRX-1 racing cars and based on them. Universal truggy construction, failure-free and strong engine and high quality. Brushless Sword EBL 2.4GHz is the best idea for a fast, and easy to use model. You do not have to regulate the carb or get messy with petrol. And you can even drive it at home! The car will do great during calm home rides, but its true passion is fast off-road!The construction of truggy type allows you to reach high speeds also outside the asphalt. Widespread of wheels guarantees stability on turnings and right ride height and 4×4 drive allow the car to drive where common racing cars cannot ride. The failure-free brushless engine gives acceleration, which even cars with nitro drive do not have! The working of this big car is steered by a special regulator with radiator with fan. It also has an electronic system, which turns the model off if the regulator is too hot. There is a modern Li-Po 11.1V battery with 3250mAh capacity. To guarantee failure-free exploration, the car is equipped with metal sprockets of motive transfer and metal sprockets of differential gears. Plastic elements were made from more elastic materials, so they are less prone to cracking. To enable driving in difficult weather conditions, the electronics is protected with a special waterproof module! 

Sword EBL 2.4GHz presented is an RTR model, which is ready to run straight after being taken out of the box. You only need 8 AA batteries, which you can also buy in our shop. 

We guarantee full availability of spare parts, additional accessories, i.e. diodes, batteries, chargers Polish manual, and a wide range of bodies. 

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