Sword KIT





Produkto kodas: VRX/RH1013KIT-R0066

 We present to you Sword in KIT version! 

The construction of truggy type allows you to reach high speeds also outside the asphalt. Widespread of wheels guarantees stability on turnings and right ride height and 4×4 drive allow the car to drive where common racing cars cannot ride. To secure resistant exploitation, the model is equipped with metal sprockets of drive transfer and metal sprockets of differential gears. Plastic parts were made from materials with heightened flexibility, thanks to which they are less prone to cracking.

Sword presented is the KIT model, which needs to be tooled up- you only need electronic subassemblies: the engine, transmitter, battery, charger, servomechanism of turning, ESC and receiver. You can buy all of it at our shop.

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