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Sword Mega MT by VRX Racing is a 1:10 scale Monster Truck with the 4WD drive. Steel differential modes, programmable two-direction speed controller, strong servo are only a part of the features that distinguish it from the competition. A huge advantage of the model is also a 2.4GHz remote controller that allows you to race with other players without fear of signal interference.

In relation to the Sword EBD model, the new Sword Mega MT has been equipped with a number of unique solutions:
  • modern 4-wheel drive with a system that protects the racks against excessive wear as a result of slipping,
  • the transmission mechanism was rebuilt to lower the center of gravity,
  • the wishbones have been strengthened and redesigned
  • the possibility of adjusting the wheelbase on the hubs was introduced,
  • in the steering system, drive axles with cardan shafts were used,
  • the chassis gained rigidity thanks to the reinforced upper plate.
  • the whole structure has been designed in such a way as to facilitate servicing the model and introducing modifications.

The MT type construction will allow for an exciting ride on almost any surface. The car works well on asphalt, but even better in difficult terrain. The wide spacing and huge wheels with dimensions of 130 x 65mm guarantee cornering stability, and the appropriate ground clearance and modern 4×4 drive will allow you to run wild on bumps. The suspension can be adjusted precisely to suit the conditions. To ensure durable and reliable operation, the model is equipped with metal differential gears. Plastic parts are made of plastics with increased flexibility, thanks to which they are less prone to cracks. The model is equipped with a modern, 2.4GHz pistol remote controller with a very large range – sooner the model will disappear from the field of view of the eyes than lose the signal from the transmitter. Mega Sword is an electric model, so in case of bad weather, you can play it even at home.

Another strong point of this model is the two-way rotation regulator 400A with a large heatsink. This rack, apart from NiMH / NiCd batteries, fully supports LiPo 7.4V batteries. In addition, the programmable cut-off, over-heat, mode crawler make it a complete sensation in this class of cars.

Sword Mega MT EBD 2.4GHzThe presented Sword Mega MT 2.4GHz, is an RTR RC car, i.e. ready for a run just after unboxing right out of the box, the only thing you need is 8 pcs of AA batteries to the remote controller, which you can also buy in our store.

We provide full availability of spare parts, additional accessories, such as diodes, batteries, chargers, a Polish instruction manual and the largest selection of bodywork.

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