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It is a pleasure to present new Syma S109G. The helicopter presented is the best and most interesting model available of micro RC choppers with GYRO system of stabilizing. Thanks to 3,5 channelled system of steering and gyroscope, we can fly forward and backward, up and down, right and left, and across. Solid construction of the model guarantess resistance to damages.
s109 03 Syma S109G
The stability of flights is guaranteed by new, better gyroscope, which prevents rotation of the chopper around its own axis. It can be regulated using trimmer on the remote controller.
s109 2 Syma S109G
The system of flight stabilizing, Co-axial rotors, vertical back rotor, and its weight and construction make S109G an ideal choice for the beginners because it is indestructible.
S109G is equipped with hull and LED diodes, which makes it look good.
s109 1 Syma S109G
Its small size make it ideal both indoors and outdoors.
Time of flying is 5-6 minutes after 20-30 minutes of charging.

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