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It is a pleasure to present the newest Syma S111G in USCG colors (United States Coast Guard).

Syma S111G is a faithful copy of AugustaWestland A109E Power-one of the fastest choppers in the world. Thanks to 3,5 channelled system of steering and gyroscope, we can fly forward and backward, up and down, and rotate around our own axis (left or right). Solid construction of the model gives it resistance.

61090 Syma S111G (AgustaWestland A109E Power)

Thanks to gyroscope, the flight of the helicopter is very stable- hanging in the air or soft landing at any place, even on the pilot’s hand, is easy. It has Rudder Trim, thanks to which the helicopter can fly straight like an arrow.

s111g 2 Syma S111G (AgustaWestland A109E Power)

S111G has 3 effective engines, two bigger than main rotor and one smaller- on the tail. Elastic material of the rotor’s spades makes them very resistant. Also high quality polymer from which the hull is made and other elements of the helicopter increses safety and decreses the risk of damage if the model falls down or crushes. It also has a double protection of the rotor- if one of the spades gets stuck, or even two of them, there is a protection against the damage of the engine and other elements. The chopper is equipped with 4in1 electronics, so spins regulator, gyroscope, mixer, and receiver. The helicopter has a modern LiPo accumulator with 150 mAh capacity, which will allow you to play for up to 10 minutes. The helicopter can be charged directly from USB port or the transmiter.

s111g 3 Syma S111G (AgustaWestland A109E Power)

S111G is ideal to play in darker rooms or with the light turned off. It has an amazing light casing with red-blue-white LED diodes imitating police signals, adding the realism and providing additional effect while flying.

lights Syma S111G (AgustaWestland A109E Power)

s111g 4 Syma S111G (AgustaWestland A109E Power)

This helicopter is an ideal choice for the beginners and more advanced ones too. It is great as a gift for a child, is is nicely wrapped.

s111g 1 Syma S111G (AgustaWestland A109E Power)

Syma S111G is RTF model, which is ready to fly straight after being taken out of the box. You only need 6AA batteries for the transmitter, which you can also buy in our shop.

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