Syma S39-1 Raptor (2.4GHz, 3CH, gyroscope, range up to 30m) – White





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The Syma is a popular and renowned brand, appreciated even by sophisticated flying enthusiasts. The model S39 Raptor is another version of the popular RC helicopter, with a slightly smaller size than its predecessor.

The S39 Raptor is a 3-channeled helicopter with a built-in gyroscopic stabilization and flight control system, thanks to which the helicopter flight is very steady. Hovering in the air or a gentle landing in any chosen place will not be difficult. The helicopter flies in the following directions: up / down, forward / backward, to the left / to the right. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor flights. The durable construction guarantees the safety in case of falls or emergency landings. Powerful engines allow for quick take-off and allow you to struggle with the wind.

E30770 800 Syma S39-1 Raptor (2.4GHz, 3CH, gyroscope, range up to 30m) - White
The Syma S39 Raptor’s construction is made of light metal alloys, thanks to which it is resistant to collisions. Strengthening the model with double shielding walls significantly increase its time of use. In addition, the flexible material from which the main rotor blades are made is very durable and reduces the risk of breaking.
Syma S39-1 Raptor (2.4GHz, 3CH, gyroscope, range up to 30m) - White

The model is controlled by 2.4 GHz remote controller. That is why the risk of signal interference does not exist. We can fly with several helicopters at the same time. The 2.4GHz remote controller’s response time is up to 100 times higher than in the case of infrared-controlled models.

nadajnik syma Syma S39-1 Raptor (2.4GHz, 3CH, gyroscope, range up to 30m) - White

Thanks to two flight modes: fast and slow, you can adjust the joy from flying to the age of the modeler or piloting skills. The model is additionally double protected from blocking the blades. It means that the power supply of the model is disconnected in order to protect the mechanism. A well-designed body provides extremely easy access to the battery. According to the information from the manufacturer, the model is powered by a LiPo 3.7V battery with a capacity of 300mAh which allows for about 6 minutes of flight. 

The presented Syma S39Raptor is an RTF RC model, which means that it is ready to fly just after unboxing. All you need to do is to put 4 AA batteries, which you can also purchase in our store, to the remote controller.

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