Motorinė valtis TPC: Shark 1:18 2.4GHz – balta





Produkto kodas: TPC/RH705-WHT

The real shark is already in your hands. The model is designed to play in the water. The shark’s head is, of course, an overlay that can be put on the remote-controlled boat from the set. For the price of one, we get two toys.

Motorinė valtis TPC: Shark 1:18 2.4GHz - baltaThe appearance of the boat model can be freely changed: either into a shark or an ordinary motorboat – at your discretion, when you get bored of scaring your bathering friends. The boat itself is very fast; it has two motors, which is rare in this class of toys. The whole thing is made of strong plastic (ABS), which is resistant to external factors. Even so, we recommend that you seal the fuselage with adhesive tape.

 Motorinė valtis TPC: Shark 1:18 2.4GHz - balta

The model is remotely controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter, which will allow you to swim to a distance of about 40 meters. The set includes a battery and a charger. Just buy 2 AA batteries for the transmitter and our crocodile boat is ready to launch. Time to play with a motorboat on one battery charge is up to 15 minutes.

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