Vector 28 2CH 2.4GHz RTR





Produkto kodas: TW/795-1-BD-RED

You will easily fit Vector 28 in your hand, but do not be deceived by its size. The boat has a big 180 class engine cooled down with water, and modern LiPo battery. It can cut the water like a knife, and you can take it virtually everywhere with you. It does not matter if you will be swimming in the pool, lake, or pond, Vector 28 will always give you loads of joy. 

795 1 Vector28 07 Vector 28 2CH 2.4GHz RTR
The model is steered by the 2.4GHz remote controller (Mode 2), it can swim in every direction, and has an effective range of 100m! Anti-interference system allows you to steer a few models at the same time. It also has a reverse of throttle and steer.

The presented model is an RTF type- you only need 4 AA batteries for the remote controller to start the fun.

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