Vector 80 2.4GHz ARTR





Produkto kodas: TW/798-1-BL

 Vector 80 is a boat, which redefines the word „fun”. All thanks to maximum speed, which reaches up to 144km/h! What is more, it is equipped with functions which do not appear in similar boats of this class. 
Vector80 07 Vector 80 2.4GHz ARTR
This fantastic model is controlled using the remote controller working at 2,4 GHz frequency. It is driven by a very efficient brushless engine and has a brushless spins regulator, both cooled down with water. The model is compatible with LiPo 11.1V and 14.8V batteries. 

Vector80 11 Vector 80 2.4GHz ARTR
The model presented is an ARTR boat. You need to buy LiPo 11.1V or 14.8V batteries. 

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