VRX-1E 2.4GHz – Brushless





Produkto kodas: VRX/RH811-R0022

 VRX-1E 2.4GHz is the most awaited premiere of the electric model in the scale of 1:8. 

It is the biggest and fastest electric model with the 4WD drive. The car was made in the 1:8 scale. It has wide wheels spread and low suspension. It guarantees stability on high velocities, turnings, and while jumping. Correct ride height and strong wheels are a promise of driving on every terrain! 

Its brushless engine during a few seconds speeds this colossus up to 62 mph! It has great acceleration, better than nitro cars. 

VRX 1E model presented is the RTR model, which is ready to run straight after being taken out of the box. You only need 8AA batteries, which you can also buy in our shop. 

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