XK A700-A Sky Dancer 3CH 2.4GHz RTF (750mm wingspan)





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A700-A Sky Dancer is an excellent proposition for both beginners and advanced pilots. The powerful brush motor provides adequate power reserves, while the stabilization system and fantastic aerodynamic properties make it an ideal plane for learning to fly.
20160511144811 93577 XK A700-A Sky Dancer 3CH 2.4GHz RTF (750mm wingspan)Adjustment of the controlled sensibility adjusts the response of the aircraft to the pilot’s level of sophistication. Low sensitivity will allow you to avoid too violent reactions and enjoy a stable flight, while using high sensitivity we can perform real sky-high acrobatics, such as spirals and loops.

The flight takes place with the use of simple and clear 3-channel equipment, operating on the 2.4GHz frequency. This eliminates the risk of interference and allows you to fly multiple models at the same place and time. The EPO foam from which the model was made eliminates the effects of unfortunate landings.

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A700-A Sky Dancer is an RTF model – ready to fly immediately out of the box. All you need are 6 AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, which you can buy in our store without any problem.

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