3-wheeled scooter – blue





Produkto kodas: YKS/S909N

scooters have returned to favor – not only the electric ones, but also the ordinary ones with „foot drive”. we are pleased to present the three-wheel scooter . unlike two-wheeled vehicles – three wheels have a positive effect on driving stability and should be the No. 1 choice for people and children who are just learning to drive.
y39i1692o24280 3-wheeled scooter - blue
the handlebar is aluminum with the handles at the end upholstered with a skin-friendly sponge.

wheels are made of strong plastic. this means high durability and greater safety – while a scooter with such wheels does not develop dizzying speeds. the perfect choice for the youngest. braking is „traditional”, which means that you just need to press down on the fender, which will slowly slow down the rear wheel. The diameter of the front wheels is 120mm and the diameter of the rear wheels is 76mm.
3p166kcean6upl 3-wheeled scooter - blue

our scooter is a guarantee of great and safe fun

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