Balance Bike Teddy (wheels 11 „eva foam, age 3+, light frame) – Pink





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teddy balance bike

do not know how to distract your toddler from the smartphone and encourage him to exercise outdoors?

the teddy balance bike will help your child start their adventure with sports, which will pay off in the future. the toddler will have excellent psychomotor skills, reflexes and a sense of balance and will be physically fit.

when the child loves the movement, he will want it even more until the sporty lifestyle becomes his into habit. It will be easier to shape such an attitude in him from an early age, and giving him a running bike is a step in the right direction.

the first children’s bicycle

before your child gets on a regular bicycle with pedals, it is worth introducing them to a two-wheeled vehicle in a more friendly way. And here comes the teddy balance bike, which does not have pedals, but already teaches the toddler to steer the vehicle with the steering wheel and allows you to practice balance.

toddlers’ most frequent fear when taking their first steps on a bicycle is to take their legs off the ground and lie down them on the pedals. In the case of a cross-country bike, this problem disappears because the child is constantly in contact with the ground. a stable metal frame familiarizes the toddler with such a vehicle structure and facilitates later learning to drive on a full-size equipment.

the possibility of supporting the legs is invaluable for the child, because it strengthens the child’s sense of security and confidence in their own abilities as well as the sense of agency and control of the vehicle. thanks to this, the toddler can focus on learning other aspects of cycling, for example on steering the steering wheel, turning, braking with the legs.

high quality and comfort for a toddler

the teddy balance bike combines excellent product quality with an interesting design. for children, the appearance and vivid colors of the toys are of great importance, and this model meets their needs, because the teddy balance bike comes in two color variants: blue and pink.

a balance bike is an excellent investment in the health and proper development of a child. Moreover, the possibility of joint trips with mum and dad or grandparents builds positive and close family ties. a balance bike is more than just a vehicle, it is a way of great fun and unforgettable moments spent actively with your loved ones.

perfect gift does not exist? and yet! and it is the teddy balance bike.

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