Balance scooter ALS-K02 – blue





Produkto kodas: YKS/K02-BLU

a three-wheel scooter is one of the safest options for a child who enjoys spending time outdoors. thanks to three wheels instead of two, it is much easier to keep balance, and the ride itself turns out to be much easier.
the steering wheel is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy , at the end of which there are handles covered with a skin-friendly sponge. the issue of changing the driving direction was interestingly solved. Well, we do not turn the steering wheel as it happens in the case of scooters on two wheels, but we push it to the left or right. depending on the direction of the tilt, the vehicle will gradually turn. it is quite a safe solution as the steering wheel can only be tilted up to a certain point and therefore it is impossible to make a very sharp and abrupt turn.
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Driving on three wheels is always more stable than two wheels. thanks to them it is possible to ride very slowly and even to stand still. the wheels are made of durable and flexible rubber. they do not allow you to develop too high speed while driving. in addition, the scooter is equipped with a traditional foot brake. just press the fender against the wheel and the vehicle will brake.
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our scooters are a great gift for children who love to move and explore. until a few years ago these vehicles were more of a memory. the situation changes quickly and the already forgotten scooters are starting to win the hearts of both parents and children again.
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