Bullet EBD 2WD 2.4GHz – Red





Produkto kodas: VRX/RH2011-RED

 We are pleased to present you a new model from the VRX brand called Bullet with 2WD and 2.4GHz remote controller. The presented buggy provides the highest level of speed and fun, which makes it one of the favorite 1:10 scale models.

Transfering the drive to the rear axle results in rapid acceleration and incredible flexibility. It is a recreational and racing car for people who love hard riding and like to spend time actively.

The Bullet is the brother of the iconic Spirit EBD. Both cars are buggy models with a brush motor. However, Bullet is a car with only rear-wheel drive, which has been armed with a wide „slippers”. In addition, the great balance thanks to the centrally located battery and engine in combination with large aluminum shock absorbers filled with special oil translate into high traction and good controllability.

Bullet EBD 2WD 2.4GHz - Red

Lightweight design and a powerful 540 brush class brush motor explode with power! This is what works great on slippery surfaces because we can practice slides and gain the experience needed for everyday driving on Polish roads!

Bullet EBD 2WD 2.4GHz - Red

Another very strong point of this model is the powerful 340A two-way speed controller with a large radiator. This rack, apart from NiMH / NiCd batteries, fully supports LiPo 7.4V batteries. In addition, the programmable cut-off, over-heat, mode crawler make it a complete sensation in this class of cars.

All the above-mentioned solutions make RC cars, from the VRX Racing, popular with advanced modeling enthusiasts as well as novice users and enjoy a very good reputation.
Apart from the RC car, the set includes an ergonomic transmitter operating in the 2.4GHz band, which significantly increased resistance to interference and range, as well as a NiMH 1800mAh 7.2V battery and a mains charger.

Presented Bullet 2WD 2.4GHz is an RTR model of RTR type, i.e. ready for driving right out of the box, the only thing you need is 8 pcs AA batteries (ordinary „sticks”) to the transmitter, which you can also buy in our store.

We provide you with full availability of spare parts, additional accessories, such as diodes, batteries, chargers, a Polish instruction manual and the largest selection of bodywork.

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