Foldable scooter A5-S – black





Produkto kodas: YKS/A5S-BLK

we are introducing a new generation scooter, which proves that it is no longer just a toy for children, but a full-fledged means of transport that can be used by adults. our scooter has a number of amenities that increase and ride comfort and safety, the scooter capacity is 80kg .

a5-s is made entirely of high-strength aluminum alloy. the handles of the steering wheel and the platform are lined with non-slip rubber. the vehicle is equipped with durable rubber wheels , as well as shock absorber, which effectively affects the comfort of riding on small bumps on the road . a5-s has has footer

Foldable scooter A5-S - black

the a5 scooter has a cushioning system and footer which make driving a lot easier

the a5-s scooter is a great gift for everyone – from a child, teenager to an adult. the vehicle will prove itself especially well in large cities. no more standing in a traffic jam or riding public transport. just jump on our scooter and we can get anywhere we want.

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