Himoto DRIFT TC 1:10 2.4GHz RTR (HSP Flying Fish 1)- 12305





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 Himoto Flying Fish 1:10, 2.4GHz is the most popular RC drift model in Poland! Due to its design, the car is recommended for both beginners and professional modelers. Powerful engine, four-wheel drive, durable rims and smooth composite tires make the car ideal for controlled slides. In addition, the adjustable height of the body and adjustable angle of the wheels allow you to adjust the model to individual preferences and all surface conditions.

Himoto Drift TC 07 Himoto DRIFT TC 1:10 2.4GHz RTR (HSP Flying Fish 1)- 12305

Drift TC (an alternatively used name for Flying Fish) is a model that can confidently compete with other X-Ranger models from VRX Racing. It may even be better in some cases! The car has been equipped with full wheel bearings, which is rare in other brands of the same class, where instead of bearings there are bearing shells. Thanks to this solution, the life of the car is increased and the rolling resistance is reduced, which significantly translates into the car’s performance and comfort of use. Another advantage is the 2.4GHz remote controller with the End Point Adjustment system (EPA), thanks to which we can individually regulate the operation of each servo. Thanks to EPA, we can impose limits on which servos are to work and, for example, limit the maximum speed of our model – it is very useful for beginners. This allows you to avoid too fast driving and possible damage to the car caused by untrained steering.

epa eng Himoto DRIFT TC 1:10 2.4GHz RTR (HSP Flying Fish 1)- 12305The presented Himoto Flying Fish 1 is in the RTR version which means it is ready to run just after unboxing. All you need to do is to purchase 4x AA batteries for the remote controller, what you can also do in our store. 

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