Large Lift Truck RC + pallet (Scale1:20)





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We present you remotely controlled Lift Truck – an ideal gift for those for whom an ordinary ride is not enough. The presented toy could drive forward, backward, turn to the left and to the right as well as has a function of remotely lifting and lowering the pallet. In short, we are dealing with a fully functioning vehicle, ready to work.

P1017726 Large Lift Truck RC + pallet (Scale1:20)

Additional advantages of this model are sounds and lights generated by the vehicle and demo mode – a programmed sequence of moves and actions. It is worth mentioning the automatic turn-off system in case of long idle time. We do not need to worry that the battery will be empty if we forget about the toy.
wwwGIFCreatorme GtdKjN Large Lift Truck RC + pallet (Scale1:20)

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